"Overall, if you are a photographer looking to add the next level of presentation to your client’s delivery, then we don’t believe Woody Woodclick products could steer you wrong. Both boxes were wonderfully crafted and make a lasting impression at first glanc."

"Whether you’re delivering a flash drive or prints, a stylish and sleek wooden box from Woody Woodclick can have a lasting impression on your clientele. (...) We think purchasing premium packaging from Woody Woodclick is an easy and fun way for you and your business to stand out from the crowd."

"We were able to use a few of these boxes and were impressed by the workmanship and quality of each one. The wood is solid, the cover is secure yet simple to open, and there is plenty of space inside to create a unique presentation of photos. (...) If you’re looking to set yourself above the rest of the competition, investing in these boxes will definitely make your clients feel special."

"All of us in the Photo Life office loved this upscale packaging by Woody Woodclick and agreed that it’s an impressive way for photographers to send photos to clients. The box is classy, and the USB drive is really neat - it’s a great way to make your work stand out!"
Photo Life (January 2016)

"I’ve been chatting to wooden box designer and artisan, Woody Woodclick about his gorgeous and custom branded wood box collection for photographers. He’s since sent a couple of samples and they are both rustic and beautifully crafted with logo detail like I’ve never seen on timber before."